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Welcome to the new game - beach volleyball. Everybody knows this amusing game. Volleyball is a sport in which two teams compete in a special area, which is divided into a grid. One team must throw the ball on the ground of the opposing team. Our application is a little different from the others.As always you have two teams. However, instead of people, you can play a variety of cute animals - crocodile and turtle.
This makes the game a lot of fun, and unlike all other applications. Thus, the game is perfect for your kids and children. This is a opportunity to instill in children a love for the sport.
Developers specially made the game not boring to play. Imagine that your team is playing in the Olympics Games.
Our application - a great opportunity to escape from a hard day, do something during a trip somewhere.
Kids will also be just interesting to watch the game of their favorite animals. Game rules are very simple, so the application is suitable for children.